In a first for our organization, the CU Gaming & Esports Board of Directors has unanimously voted to endorse Unity for CU for the 2022 CU Student Government Elections. The values and goals of Unity For CU align with the beliefs of our organization and we believe that their victory in the CUSG Election will help us reach our goals for the next academic year.

Voting for the CUSG Elections begins on Monday, April 4th at 8 am and will close on Friday, April 8th at 8 pm. We will post an announcement with a link to the election page when it is live next Monday.

We have provided additional information about Unity For CU, their values, and why we believe our endorsement of their ticket is the best outcome for our community

Who is Unity For CU?
The UNITY Ticket is a group of students committed to uniting student government with students of all backgrounds, identities, and passions. Unity for CU stands on the pillars of Unity, Equity, and Safety.

Unity For CU has pledged to increase the amount of money that student organizations can get from funding boards and streamline the funding process. As the largest student organization on campus, we have outgrown the current club funding limitations imposed by the Student Organization Allocations Committee (SOAC). An increase in club funding will allow us to put on more free events, decrease merchandise and event ticket costs, as well open up more opportunities to invest in our community.

At CU there are costs that create barriers for students that want to be involved in certain programs. UNITY has pledged to keep student fees as low as possible. UNITY has also pledged to create a virtual learning option regardless of the status of in-person classes. Virtual options for students create an environment that is equitable for all students that are in all kinds of environmental, mental, and physical conditions.

Every student, staff, and faculty member at CU deserves to feel safe in expressing their passions. We believe in promoting a safe environment in which students can explore new interests, learn new abilities, and grow as unique individuals. UNITY strives to create a space that gives a voice to and allows conversations of issues CU students care about, such as sexual assault or emergency communications, in order to initiate the change necessary for a safer CU.

You can read more about Unity For CU, their team, and their platform at

The CUSG plays an important part in letting students make actionable changes on campus and we encourage all students to vote, regardless of their candidate preference. We are all Buffs and together we can make our community and CU a better place for years to come.