Event – Press Start September 14th

Occurring on September 14th at 5pm in the Roser Atlas lobby The Press Start event is going to be our first major event of the semester!

Beginning the event will be a keynote from the Directors about the organization. Topics covered will be who we are, what this organization is all about, how we would like to run things, and what the future is for our community and our teams.

After the keynote is finished we will be holding a multitude of events. This is a social event so we encourage you to meet the other members of the club. We have invited the Magic the Gathering Guild out so bring your decks and come head to head with some of the best on campus. A Hearthstone tournament will be held and to the top players at the event we will give fabulous prizes and some bragging rights ;). Never tried VR? You will have the opportunity to at the event with some of VR’s Hit games including Beat Saber and Superhot! Of course there will be freeplay games available including but not limited to: Fortnight, Rocket League, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Think you got what it takes to beat seasoned Overwatch or League players? Come take on the Kings of the Campus and attempt to dethrone them in a 1vs1 match!

All our esports teams and members of staff will be at the event, so you can meet them and apply for the positions in person!

We wouldn’t want you to go hungry so there will be free food at the event. But Donations are always accepted <3
We hope to see you there. RSVP Here!