Info & Rules:

Welcome to the Fall Free-for-All!

This exciting partnership between CU Esports and the Center for Student Involvement will be bringing esports tournaments for incoming students to compete, meet friends, and even earn prizes!

Please read through the following procedure to make sure you are all set up and ready to go for September 4th! Also be sure to read the rest of this rulebook for important information regarding tournament structure, player eligibility, and general player requirements.


Get STarted:

  1. Create a Discord account (it's free). You will have to provide your Discord Username (Username#1234) during the player application. Visit, download the app, and sign up. If you already have a Discord account, move on to step

  2. Fill out the Registration form for the Event. You can find it by clicking "Register Now" on the left. Make sure you are signed in with your email!

  3. Join the CU Gaming Discord at Introduce yourself in the #introductions channel, make sure to mention that you're joining for the Free For All, maybe also include which tournament you are participating in!

  4. If you do not have a team, you will be contacted by one of our TOs to matched together with other participants and have the opportunity to select a team name.

  5. Once you have a team together, a voice channel will be created with your team name as the channel name. Please don't join other teams' channels!

  6. On the day of the event, Team Check-In will be at 1 PM MST. All team members and captains will be asked to check in before the start of all matches in their respective game tournament channels (i.e. #rocket-league). Failure to do so will result in round 1 forfeitures or disqualification.