BuffLOL Fall 2018 Announcement

After much wait, we’re excited to announce the upcoming plans for this year’s season of BuffLoL! For those who don’t know what BuffLoL is, it is a semi-competitive league for League of Legends only for CU Students. Signup and form a team and compete for the glory of taking home the BuffLoL championship. It is available for all players with the solo-que ranks between Silver V and Diamond IV. The goal of this league is to bring players together through weekly matches and competition which will lead into a playoff. There will be two splits much like the LCS, one for each semester. Players need to register by September 16th and the draft is going to be September 16th.


BuffLOL Handbook


Match times are at 6pm MST, if a team is on the rift and ready to go 10 minutes past the scheduled time they we be awarded a game loss.

Draft – Sept. 16th
Week 1 – Sept. 22nd 
Week 2 – Sept. 29th 
Week 3 – October 6th

Week 4 – Oct. 13th
Week 5 – Oct. 20th
Week 6 – Oct. 27th
Week 7 – BuffLoL Fall Finals

Final Games -Top 4 teams get advanced seeding leading into Spring Playoffs. Bottom 4 teams fight for relegation.

First Place – 1500 RP + Triumphant Ryze + Mystery Icon

Second Place – 1000 RP + Mystery Icon

Third Place + Fourth Place – Mystery Icon

There will be sign up again for the second split to replace the teams relegated.


BuffLoL Team:

Head Tournament Admin – James “Kiwi”
Tournament Admin – James “jinjinjames”

Production – Jack “Verttex”
Director of Events – Nick “Dappersaurus”
Web Dev – Clovis “???”
Local Raptor – Zander “Zoolouie”