Event – Battle for Boulder

A portal to Azeroth on Campus has opened up and the Horde and Alliance are vying for control of this new land. Important points around campus have been marked as open and it’s up to you to claim them for your faction!

Take a photo with something identifying the time the picture was taken and post it to CU Gaming’s social media, and identify the faction that you want to claim the spot for. An Officer will then proceed to draw the factions symbol next to the original mark, thus claiming it for your faction!

The markings can be anywhere, from chalked WoW symbols on the ground to a post-it note hidden in a building somewhere!

Prizes will be randomly selected from participants, and the winning faction gets to pick their favorite (or least favorite) Director to wear a pair of faction themed leggings!

The event will be a week long event opening up Soon!

CU Gaming’s social media

Instagram: @cubouldergaming

Twitter: @boulderesports

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/cugaming

Art drawn by Emily L. @Faswlya#9494