Our mission is to foster community, support competition, and assist with career development in the gaming and esport field. We accomplish this mission by cultivating an inclusive environment for all types of gamers, hosting events supported by industry leaders, finding and developing truly exceptional players, forging the best esports teams that CU has to offer, and providing members with leadership opportunities and vital experience necessary for a career in the gaming and esports industries.


CU Gaming was first founded in December of 2015 by a team of passionate Counter-Strike players who wanted to represent in Buffs in online competitions. They were a small group but they had the passion and drive to create an grassroots organization focused on esports. With the organization continuing to grow and the the united focus on creating a home for all gamers at the University of Colorado Boulder, CU Gaming strived to continue to be one of the communities on the campus.

With the addition of new games, more events, and passionate staff members, CU Gaming as grown to be one of the largest student organizations within the University of Colorado system of schools with more than 600 students participating online. Our events continue to be extremely successful and a great way to meet new people and walk away with an experience that you can't get anywhere else on campus. Our esports teams are proud represent the Buffaloes just like any varsity or club sport team and strives to create the best teams while also focusing on healthy game/life balance and practice regimen.


Learn, Teach, Grow

As an organization always striving to be better, we encourage our members to do so as well. Learning, reflecting, and advancing is a core part of why CU Gaming continues to lead the pack both on campus and with other universities.

College is an opportunity for self-discovery, and that should not stop when it comes to student organizations. We are students by profession, but we are mentors by necessity. Sharing learned knowledge is tremendously important to our organization.

The main goal of our community is to promote member growth into not only better gamers, but better people as well.

Act with Integrity, Be Genuine

When hidden behind a computer screen, it's very easy to be disconnected from your actions and their consequences, but we believe that as students of CU who are proud to call ourselves Buffaloes, honesty is key within our community and oneself.

No one likes a cheater or hacker; and, making sure that everyone is included, and no one is taking advantage makes the entire organization better.

We believe that everyone should be okay being themselves when in our community. Both your name and your tag should represent your best self – the person you want to be. With tens of thousands of unique games, every single gamer is different; But, it’s crucial that we understand gaming as a catalyst for relationships that transcend typical societal boundaries.

Fuel your Passion

From Pong, Tetris, and Pac-man to Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite - Games are freaking awesome. No seriously, we absolutely love gaming, and we hope you do too. We make this community what it is by giving our time to games.

CU Gaming wants to encourage everyone to pour into the things that make them excited and help them make the most of it. We want the possibility for people to pursue a career in the video games industry to become a reachable reality.

Find your Balance

College students are busy people. We completely understand that other things take priority, and they should. Fitting in a few hours of team practice or attendance at a weekly event can be difficult. Being able to balance social life, academics, health, and remembering to call your mom once in awhile is essential to members of CU Gaming and applies to life in general.

Games are addicting, and quickly become a problem if you continuously use them to hide from life. Games can be an excellent intermittent escape from stress-inducing responsibilities; but, if you let these problems build up, they can quickly overwhelm even the most capable individual.

Accept Difference, Enrich Community

Within our community, someone enjoying a game or rooting for a team should never cause tension. We are here to celebrate all games, not to tear people down for personal preference. The virtual space that we play in naturally attempts tears down boundaries and removes superficial differences. Gaming should transcend race, gender, sexuality, religion, and political views.

Academic Excellence

Yes, we are gamers, but at this university we are students first, and that's in every aspect. As a student organization of the campus, following the Colorado Creed ensures that our community and actions fall in line with what the administration and society expects of us.

On the competitive side we hold our teams to a strict GPA-standard, following in line with our more traditional club sport brethren.